White label WordPress and WooCommerce development agency

Small company, capable of big things. Highly specialized in developing WordPress solutions for individuals,
companies and particularly other agencies seeking a reliable outsourcing partner.
Real people, direct contact, transparent pricing.

About us

We've been working in WordPress development for over ten years now and our team core of 3 people hasn't changed since.

We do not have a traditional office, but it doesn't mean we can't meet in person for a cup of coffee :) - that is if you happen to be somewhere around Poland or Germany.

By hiring us you get a direct contact with developers. Save time and money on micromanagement.

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We aim to be as candid about our processes, including billing, as possible. We bill our projects either per hour, based on Toggl time tracking reports for each project, task and activity individually or, if preferred, per project. For the latter, we usually take 150% of the hourly estimation. In case of hourly billing, one should consider that there is a risk of the estimated time being exceeded, but the final bill is usually overall lower. In case of project pricing, we, in advance, take the risk and commit to execute the whole project.

Our current hourly rate: 80€ / $90 / 350PLN

You can hire us on Codeable too.

If you're a private person or a Poland-based company - we are required to add the Value Added Tax of 23%. In other cases we can provide an invoice with 0% VAT.

Usually, in case of custom design and given that all of the content is easily editable in the admin panel, the implementation takes 20 hours for a company page or blog and twice as much for webshops.

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We update our pricing every year as we get faster in common tasks we do, but we keep the rates unchanged for our long-term customers.

How we work

Once you contact us, we create a separate project just for you in our project management tool - currently it's Asana. We also create it in our time-tracking tool - Toggl. Depending on your preferences, we'll either provide you an access to Asana so you'll be able to track each task progress yourself, or we'll use a traditional e-mail communication form. From now on, each new request from you will become a task in Asana, and in the end of the month, you'll receive a report including the time spent on each of those tasks. If you'd like to work together on more projects - each one will be tracked separately.

We use ACF Pro plugin to create advanced admin panel features. If we're asked to add multilingual features - we use WPML. For both, we have our own developer licenses to save our clients money. For other features, there is not just one common solution as we adjust our tools to the taks we work on.

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When we're not working for other agencies or direct clients, we work on custom plugins we could use in our future projects. All of them are sold through OptArt Codecanyon account. The most popular of our plugins include:

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We can provide all kind of WordPress development and maintenance related services. This is a short list that displays a few of our most common tasks we're hired for:


Still not convinced whether you can trust us? Luckily, we have plenty of clients we're proud we've worked for and agencies we're happy to provide services for regularly. However, as a white-label agency, we are certain to respect your anonymity and won't display you up here, as well as we won't tell anybody we've worked for you (unless you agree). Nonetheless, we have plenty of customers that are willing to write a statement about our cooperation if needed. Simply contact us with the details of your project and we'll provide you with contacts to clients that did similar projects with us in the past.

Some of our clients left us references on our LinkedIn accounts - we're happy that they're happy!

Contact Us

Get in touch with us via mail, grab a phone, or simply send us e-mail.


+48 12 333 77 22